Why particularly aluminium bifold doors ?                                                    

We have found that Upvc doors with over two door leaves tend to need continual adjustment. This is caused as Upvc, compared to aluminium, expands & contracts so much in the heat/cold. Therefore, some time ago we took the decision to "design the problem out". By changing to only installing thermally broken aluminium. Consequentially we no longer have this issue.

As aluminium doors have become more & more popular & much more readily available, their price has come down. So that now they are compatible in price with their Upvc counterparts.   

A few design options

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Aluminium ​Bifold doors


​​Why not transform an outbuilding ? 

Bring your garden into your home

Bifold doors are possibly the most exciting innovation in our industry in recent years.

They really are a relatively inexpensive way of adding that "wow factor" to your home.

Why not bring the garden into your home ?

We can offer a complete service here, including installation of lintels and brickwork removals to maximise the door size and impact.

Our bespoke aluminium bifold doors can be powder coated to any RAL colour. They can be "dual colour" (a different colour inside and out) & "Marine Grade Powder Coated' upgrades for coastal locations.  

They come in many different opening options sizes & glazing options, including with between glass binds (see the "other products" tab for details.

The chart below shows just a few. Contact us on the "quote" tab to discuss your requirements further.