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Family owned and operated, we supply and install market leading bespoke "Rehau" windows, doors and conservatories to both our domestic and trade customers. Because we supply large quanties of these windows we are able to pass on huge discounts directly to our clients. 

Installations are carried out by our own fitters, one whom is our son and all of whom have many years exprierence. 


We guarantee high-quality installations for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work and you'll agree that we're the best choice for your next home renovation. 

​Let us take the hassle out of your next project

Terms & Conditions of sale

​Trade Customers

Whether your next project is for 1 window or for 200, you can still benefit from the massive discounts we offer you, due to the quantities of frames we supply each week. Simply email your designs, spec and sizes to We will supply you a detailed, no obligation quote within one working day. Once you have received your quote, the next contact will be from you. We will not bother you.  

Let us take the hassle out of the window and door package on your next job. We will liaise with you to make sure we understand your requirements. We will process the job for you, giving you detailed drawings of the breakdown of transom and mullion splits etc. Then deliver the windows on the agreed date, offering a fitting service if you should require it.


a) In these conditions the person signing the contract is referred to as the Customer and Countycare Windows & Property Services Ltd is referred to as ‘The Company’.

b) The customer is contracting direct with the company for the supply and installation (where necessary) of the products and services detailed and payments must be paid directly to the company.

c) The description of the company’s products and their effect is set out in the company’s current literature which is freely available. No additional representation shall bind the company unless the same has been put into writing by a director. From time to time improvements and changes are made to the company’s products. The customer acknowledges and agrees that he shall receive delivery of products which comply with the company’s latest basic design and specification may be affected without notice to the customer provided that the product shall be of equal or greater to the customer.

d) This contract contains all the terms and conditions agreed between the company and the customer and no variations of these terms and conditions shall bind either party unless previous agreement in writing signed by both the customer and a director of the company.

e) No omission by the company whether by way of indulgence or otherwise of failure to enforce or delay in enforcing the company’s rights here under shall be constructed as a waver of any of the company’s rights.


a) This agreement is subject to a detailed survey being carried out by the company or its agents and the company alone may as a result thereof in its absolute discretion and without ascribing any reason cancel all or part of this contract at any time to the installation commencing.

b) If it is found during the survey that additional work is necessary which is not covered by this contract to ensure that the completed installation is up to the company’s standard then the cost of such additional work will be notified to the customer before the installation commences. If the customer is not prepared to bear this additional cost then the company reserves the right to vary the terms of its guarantee or to cancel the contract as in 2a.

c) Trade surveys are offered free of charge at the discretion of the company and ALL details (including manufacturing sizes) are to be checked against the schedule provided BEFORE signing. No responsibility will be taken by the company for any size discrepancy. It is the trade customers responibilty to check sizes before authorising manufacture.


a) The company will use its best endeavours to install/deliver the products scheduled within the period quoted to the customer. Not withstanding the company shall not be liable for any delay that arises from circumstances beyond the company’s control.

b) The company will not entertain any third party claims from the customer for late delivery. 

c) The property in the products, the title to the products, and the ownership of the products shall remain with the company and will not pass to the customer until the total price has been paid to the company. No work will be carried out by the company under the guarantee until the total price has been paid to the company.


a) All glass used shall be of good quality but the company shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of minor blemishes or imperfections which are not guaranteed by the glass manufacturers (not noticeable at a distance of 1.5m float & 3m toughened as per GGF standard)

b) The company does not guarantee that the installation of the products specified will effect the incidence of condensation in the building and a leaflet describing the causes and remedies of condensation is available from the company. The company does guarantee that condensation will not form between the panes of the double glazed sealed units during the period of the 5 year glass guarantee.

c) The company undertakes to replace or repair free of charge any hardware product that proves defective as a result of faulty materials or workmanship within a period of 1 year from the date of installation.

d) The framing and installation are guaranteed for 10 years against failure. Sealed units are guaranteed for 5 years.

e) Not withstanding the foregoing the company shall not be liable to repair or replace any item which in its opinion has suffered damage due to misuse accident or premature deterioration due to the customers failure to satisfactorily maintain the product. The principle of fair wear will be applied in all cases.

f) These conditions state the full liability of the company in respect of disputes and the company shall not be liable for consequential loss of any nature whatsoever including loss of earnings. No further guarantee warranty or representation is given or made as to the products or installation of them by the company or its agents.


a) The company shall not be liable to pay for any work carried out by any other person firm or company engaged by the customer whether by way of rectification completion to or in respect of the contract works to be performed by the company unless such an engagement shall have been agreed by a director of the company in writing.

b) Liability whether is respect of one claim or in the aggregate arising from the installation of the company’s product shall not in any event exceed the cash price stated.

c) No claims for compensation for loss of wages or holiday entitlement whilst granting the company access to complete the works will be accepted.


a) The company will make good any damage caused in the course of installation to plaster floor rendering or brickwork immediately surrounding any window or door installed by the company but under no circumstances can the company undertake to provide matching ceramic or other tiles or specialised finishes such as Tyrolean or Pebble-dash, nor can the colour of the making good or rendering be guaranteed to match the existing rendering. The company does not provide or apply any decorative finish to such making good.

b) The company and its servants will do their utmost to keep any damage to a minimum but it cannot guarantee to avoid damage to wallpaper or paintwork surrounding the installation and any redecoration as a result of such damage shall be the responsibility of the customer.

c) The company will not be liable for damage of any description arising from the installation or use of the products where such damage is due to defects in the fabric of the building which existed prior to the installation of the company’s products whether such damage was detected at survey or not. The company will notify the customer of any such defect if it is thought that the defect will prejudice the performance of the company’s products.

d) Curtain/blind removal and replacement. It is not part of our costing. Our installers will, if asked, try to leave you with some screening at bedroom windows. If you are concerned after talking to our surveyor about any delicate, expensive or complicated curtains, blinds or pelmets, please contact your installer to carry out the removal and replacement. Countycare will not be held responsible for damage to curtains or blinds that are present during the installation process. We strongly recommend that all curtains, blinds and shutters are removed before our installers arrive.

e) We wish to make you aware that during replacement work there is a risk of damage to cables run on, through, or behind frames to be removed. If any damage occurs you are liable for any resulting costs. You should elect to have the cables removed/re-routed and replaced by your supplier’s. This will involve costs and inconvenience as you could be without these services until the work is complete. (unless you re-site the cable/s away from the frames). In most cases we think leaving the cables for us to try and re-route behind the new frames is an acceptable risk as usually no damage occurs, but as always, the decision is yours.


a) Trade orders are to be paid by a pro-forma invoice, in full, before the goods are ordered. b) Installations, the payment of the final balance is due on practical completion and inspection by the customer or its agents. Payment must be by way of cash, bankersdraft, BAC’s or money orders payable to Countycare Windows & Property Services Ltd. The customer shall not be entitled to withhold payment by reason for any alleged minor effect which would normally be dealt with under the guarantee. If payment is not made by the customer as above on completion of installation, interest shall accrue on the amount of payment outstanding to the company from that date to the date of actual payment at the rate of 6% per month, accruing day by day.


a) The customer agrees to provide the company and its servants or agents with reasonable access to the customer’s premises between 8.00am and 6pm on Monday to Friday until the installation has been complete and the products paid in full. In the event of the customer failing to give the company its servants or agents access to the premises for a period of twenty eight days from a request in writing by the company shall be entitled to terminate the agreement at the expiry of such period but without prejudice to its rights and liabilities hereunder and in particular to its right to receive payment for any works done or products manufactured, purchased or supplied to that date.


a) Upon signing by the customer the acceptance document a binding contract shall be created details which are given and such contract shall not be subject to cancellation by the customer although the company reserves the right to cancel the contract within the conditions above and in such circumstances alone return any deposit paid in full and without interest.

b) Without prejudice to its right to claim damages for breach of contract the company may at its sole discretion in appropriate cases agree to the cancellation of a contract by the customer upon payment to the company for all expenses incurred by it prior to the date of cancellation such an agreement to be set in writing and signed by a director of the company and countersigned by the customer.Type your paragraph here.